Thursday, March 24, 2011

Snow Angel by Jamie Carie

Based in the late 1800's, Snow Angel is about a young girl named Elizabeth who was given away by her birth mother as an infant.  She went through a couple of orphanages and then ended up being adopted by a very horrible set of parents.  When the Alaska gold rush came around and Elizabeth had a chance to escape her horrible adopted parents she took it!  She was then followed by a man who was paid by her adopted parents to find her, she had to continually be on the run, never trusting anyone or staying one place.  Somehow she ended up on the porch of a man named Noah.  Noah took an interest in her but could not get through to her tormented soul. Can Elizabeth stay safe from the man who hunts her and wants to destroy her life and can Noah convince her that he loves her and can keep her safe. Can both Noah and Elizabeth follow the voice and direction of God?!
Jamie Carie did a great job with developing characters that you just connected with right from the start. Even from the beginning you wanted to continue reading as fast as you could to see what was going to happen to poor Elizabeth.  I really enjoyed this story because it encourages those that have struggled with broken families, hurt relationships and bad experiences that you can overcome those situations and learn to love again! It's very inspirational and encouraging!

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