Thursday, March 24, 2011

Driven by Shellie Neumeier

I won this book from a blog that I follow.  When I read the author's interview I knew it was a story I'd be interested in.  Driven is a book that has you thinking about spiritual battles right from the first page! What an amazing story! The story is about a girl named Robyn who takes on the role of leadership in her youth group.  With that role come the spiritual attacks that Christians face when stepping out in leadership and following God's will.  There were demons that possessed humans and then those humans were used to try to destroy Robyn's faith.  It seemed like the main point was that if Satan could destroy Robyn then her destruction would bring down a whole lot of others to destruction, like her youth group and friends.  Satan used every possible tool to crush her faith!

I really really enjoyed this book!! I am a youth leader at my church and have been dealing with teens for 5 years now and I can't imagine a better display of how Satan using things, experiences or people to crush our faith!  I really want to recommend this book to young adults and young adult leaders or for any Christian adult for that matter.  I've always believed that there is spiritual battles going on all around us, but Shellie Neumeier but it to me in real sort of way that reminded me how the simplest things in life could bring down my faith. 
Driven reminds me that we always have to be aware of spiritual attacks. We must call on God and pray often.  It's a reminder to me to know my scripture so that I can speak the words to rebuke Satan.  Thank you to Shellie for a story that speaks to my soul! I loved it!

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