Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Lady Like Sarah by Margaret Brownley

I loved A Lady Like Sarah by Margaret Brownley! The story is about a lady named Sarah Prescott, the funny thing about the title is Sarah is far from a lady!! Her parents died when she was a young girl and so she was raised by her wild, revenge seeking older brothers. They didn't teach her how to be a lady but how to defend herself against the harsh world and shoot, lie and sneak around. Sarah soon runs to a preacher by the name of Justin Wells who saves her numerous times and she ends up saving him a few times too. Sarah and Justin come from very different worlds and society standards that at first they clash badly, but soon a friendship blooms. They find an orphaned baby and are determined to find her a good home. Justin is trying to convince Sarah, who is an outlaw, to turn herself in and trust on God to keep her safe, all the while he is struggling with his own faith in God too.

A Lady Like Sarah is filled with mishaps, laughs, tears and lots of adventure. Margaret Brownley has really captured a good story of inspirational romance and God's forgiveness and guidance.

I really enjoyed the character of Sarah. She very much felt that God had abandoned her and that she did not deserve a good and happy life. Once she learned how great God was/is and that he never left her she turned her faith right around like a child! I recommend this story to anyone who loves inspirational romances and stories of God's amazing guidance, love and forgiveness in our lives

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