Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shiver (Wolves of Mercy Falls #1) by Maggie Stiefvater

My review:
3 STARS - I am not recommending this book....I was dissapointed that it was not a "clean YA book".  However, I wanted to write my review and you can form your own opinion.
I loved the whole concept of the story! It's about a girl named Grace who at the age of 8 was attacked by the wolves in the woods behind her house.  One wolf saved her though ever since that day she keeps seeing "her wolf" in the woods behind her house.  She becomes completely fascinated by him and he seems to be fascinated by her, then they meet! I'll leave the rest of the story for you to find out about!

I did really enjoy what the story was about and how it flowed! My only complaint is that it's too sexual. It really bothers me when the teens in a young adult book have sex.  There is enough books out there with sex in them that I feel it's not necessary in a young adult book.  Teens see and hear about sex enough and it shouldn't be in a book. That being said, I guess my religious beliefs and values make my review lower than most.  I do think it's a good book but I want people to be warned about the content.
Usually I would also include a summary of the book and author but because I don't feel like recommending the book, I am not going to include it.  However, here is a link to the author's goodreads account so if you're interested you can go check it out.

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  1. I loved this book. It was a modern day fantasy set in northern minnesota which is where I am from. The feelings in this book are perfect and they make it almost seem real. I recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy and / or romance. The characters make you want the story to keep going and the plot sucks you in.