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Interview/Giveaway with Sherry Gammon

Hello, Sherry Gammon, and thank you so much for talking with me today! To begin, could you just tell us a little about yourself?

I'm a nomad! I have lived in six states and something like 26 different homes/apartments! I have a secret desire to live in Paris, or Hawaii, I'll take either! We have been in Upstate NY for 8 years now. We love it and plan to stay here forever…Unless we get the chance to move to Paris and Hawaii!

How long have you known that you wanted to be a writer?  Did you receive a clear “calling” from God or have you always had a desire to write?

I started writing poems in Junior High and fell in love with writing. I found it a great way to express my feelings and emotions. When in College, I graduated to short stories, with my teacher encouraging me to continue writing. I became a mom and that took my attention, as it should. About five or six years ago, I wrote a Harry Potter novel for fun, after JK Rowling started killing off characters that I cares about. My love for writing was reignited, and I have written ever since.

Who has inspired you the most?

JK Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, and the great Victor Hugo. I would LOVE to write a novel as wonderful and Les Misérables!

What are two things that people wouldn’t normally know about you?

I wear a size 11 shoe, and I am a horrible typist!

You recently have had a book published, would you take this time to describe it to us? How and where can readers buy your book? (Versions and locations)

Book Bio: Seventeen year-old Maggie Brown is truly the poster child for Heroin Chic, complete with her jutting bones and her dark-ringed eyes. She’s struggling with her growing feelings for the new guy at school, Seth Prescott, and fears he is just another person who will let her down, like everyone in her life has done thus far.
Seth Prescott is an undercover cop assigned to Port Fare High, and despite his job, he’s developed strong feelings for Maggie. Seth’s working tirelessly to flush out the sadistic heroin peddlers that have invaded the small town of Port Fare, New York, while Maggie fights to stay alive as the search turns deadly.
Seth and Maggie’s romantic journey is one of humor, heartbreak and self-discovery as their world is about to change forever.

The hard copy is on also.

Is there a spiritual message in your book?  If so, what is it and what can readers expect to get from reading it?

To NEVER give up. Life is hard, at times VERY hard, but things will get better. AND don't let the cycle of abuse continue. If you have been in an abusive situation, you DO NOT have to repeat it. They say it is hard to break the cycle… I say it is not. You can DO anything, especially if it is worth it.

What’s your favorite part of the story?

When Maggie realizes she is Not the unlovable one.(So many others in the story are, but not Maggie!)

What was the hardest part to write?

The hospital scene with her mom near the end and the next scene when Maggie is in her trailer.

Do you have any other books in the making?

I am working on book two of the series right now. I am also working on a fun take on an Old Fairy Tale!

Would you give us your blog or webpage so everyone can check it out?  Anything else you’d like to share?

I wrote this story so my daughters and I would have clean teen romances to read together. They have been my biggest supports and promoters!! I hope clean read blogs like this hope they will spread like wildfire throughout the internet!!

The web site for Unlovable is:

Here are a few fun questions:

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate!!!!!!!
Pepsi or Coke? Diet Pepsi!
Cats or Dogs? Dogs…Look for Daisy May, she is in the story -- she's my dog!!
Summer or Winter? Winter…I hate the heat.

Thank you for allowing me to share UNLOVABLE with you, and thank you for your great web site. If you will send me the exact web address of the interview, I will post it on my blog and on my FB account. Keep up the great work.

Thank you Sherry Gammon for writing a clean romance!! We need more of those! Thank you for sharing your story with us!!

My review of UNLOVABLE: 

 Unlovable was everything I thought it would be! I read some reviews of this book before I read it and was fully prepared for what it had to offer and I was actually surprised! It was a lot better than the one negative review I've read... a lot! This is about a young girl, Maggie, which is a senior in high school that struggles daily to survive. She lives in a trailer with her alcoholic mother and barely gets enough food because her mother spends all her money on booze. Maggie continually questions whether or not she is lovable because she hasn't been told by her mother that she is loved since she was a toddler.

I really enjoyed the characters despite the fact that there were some minor stereotypes going on. I think the author nailed Maggie as a true to character abused and sad young girl. Living with an alcoholic mother can really mess with a kid and this seemed evident with Maggie. The other main character was Seth, an undercover MET cop that is working at the high school pretending to be a popular student to try to find out who is selling drugs to the kids. He seemed a bit too perfect at times but I just really adored him. He had values and stuck to them, he was nice, sexy (which is always great in a hero) and he was a bit shy with how to flirt and impress the girl he wants and I found that delightful.

There aren’t a whole lot of young adult books out there that offer clean but exciting romances and I was thrilled that Unlovable was one of those books!! There was plenty of kissing scenes and danger that kept this book alive and exciting.

Even though this book did suffer some predictability I still enjoyed reading it and in-fact I couldn't seem to put it down. I was worried about what was going to happen to the mother, the drug issue and fragile state of Maggie all the way through.

There were some grammatical errors but it really didn't deter from the story at all. I barely noticed a few of them and they are in no way significant to distracting the reader.

I really was invested in all the characters, and I'm excited to learn that there is going to be additional stories on Booker and Cole. I will be picking up a copy of those when they are released because I really want to read some more about the lovable secondary characters.

Thank you to Sherry Gammon for providing me a copy of Unlovable for my honest review. All opinions are my own!

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  1. Just went and bought it. It sounds like a great story, and sadly, one I can definitely relate to. I look forward to reading it.
    Thanks for the great review:-)

  2. this sounds like a very inspirational story...thanks for the opportunity to read it :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  3. i'm a follower and email subscriber, too.

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  4. Enjoyed the interview ladies!! And the scene with her mom near the end would have been heartbreaking, and especially for me because I just lost my mom a few months ago.
    And I am a follower of your blog, I am also get your email updates...and I rated your review of Judgement Day. Thanks for that review too! That is on my list to read in a few days!