Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fractured by Cheri Schmidt

My Review:

Wow!! If I had any doubts that the Fateful trilogy was like Twilight they got squashed as soon as I started reading Fractured!! Cheri Schmidt has created a unique twist to the common vampire story and I loved the new ideas!! I was taken on an emotional roller coaster and the ride has left me thinking of the book hours after I finished it!! I loved Fractured even more than Fateful!!

You must read Fateful in order to read Fractured and please do not read this review unless you've read Fateful- I don't want to kill the surprises! Now that Ethan and Danielle are cured everyone is after them and a war is brewing!! Ethan is mortal and fears he can no longer keep Danielle safe so there is a lot of tension! Plus on top of the struggles of just staying alive, Ethan and Danielle are struggling to keep their relationship pure...which reminds me so much of the struggles most of us would face when we are in love and trying to do the right thing!!

Again I say Wow!! Cheri has created this enchanting love story with Ethan and Danielle that there were times I felt the tug on my heart when there was bumps along the road!! Thank you Cheri though for not adding a love triangle!! Sometimes I get bored with all the stories that have love triangles in them and it just refreshing to read about a relationship that has the same two people!

The passion in Fractured left me breathless at times! I could not devour it fast enough! There are so many surprises throughout this book that I couldn't even begin to let you in on any of them...you must read to find them out!

What makes Fractured even better as that as the love story progresses so does the new and dangerous threats of war and the breaking of the curse!! This book has so much to enjoy; passion, love, danger and excitement, with a unique ending that will leave you begging for more!! How can I wait for book 3?? Cheri is a very gifted writer and I think there are more amazing books to come!

I received a free copy of Fractured by the author for my honest and personal opinion of the story!! I honestly wouldn't recommend this book if I didn't think you'd like it!!

Book Blurb:
The Fateful Trilogy continues with Fractured. No, it’s not called Fractured because Ethan and Danielle break up...in case you were wondering.

They had thought they’d escaped most of the danger surrounding them, when in truth they’ve made it worse by unintentionally sparking a civil war amongst vampires. Many vampires want to protect them for discovering the cure to the curse binding their kind. However many more want to destroy them for that same discovery.

Ethan’s and Danielle’s struggle for survival intensifies while they sink deeper into the midst of this danger. The romantic fairytale bliss they once had will soon fracture under the pressure of the curse....

About the Author:

Cheri is a mother of four beautiful girls, a wife to a loving computer geek, a writer, an artist, a photographer, a lover of words, and a lover of reading books.

Cheri went to Brigham Young University in 1988 where she majored in photography and design. She has worked as a portrait photographer and artist for twenty years. She has only recently realized that she can share the stories constantly playing through her thoughts, and added writing to her list of creative endeavors. She always did well in English, but never realized she could write as her other talents seemed to overshadow that hidden skill.

She has always had an interest in fairies, mermaids, vampires, witches, and, in truth, just about any type of fantasy or myth. She started out in elementary school drawing mermaids, fairies, and witches, and has since sold paintings of them on eBay. As computer technology advanced, she began digitally enhancing photographs into those magical creatures as well.

When stories of these beings continued to entertain her thoughts, to the point of almost haunting her, she decided it was time to start writing them down. FATEFUL was her first finished work, though other stories had come to her before that. She has seven other books in the plans, including: some on vampires, some on fairies, and all of them with a romantic twist.

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful review, Courtney! You totally made my day and I’m deeply grateful you took the time to read my book and then share your positive review with everyone.