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A Heart Renewed by Karen Baney

A Heart Renewed (Prescott Pioneers #2)
My Review:
I was excited to start reading book 2 of the Prescott Pioneers as soon as I finished the first book in the series but I have to stay, I was not prepared for how much I would LOVE this book!  A Heart Renewed blew me away! 

A Heart Renewed continues the story about the Colters and the Andersons.  The story starts with Julia, Will's sister, who is now in the hands of their older brother Reuben.  Reuben is angry, mean and in lots of debt and tries to marry off Julia to the highest bidder so he can get himself out of the whole he dug! Meanwhile back at Colter Ranch, Will and Hannah begin their married life and start up the business that Will has begun.  When tragedy strikes Will's sister Julia, Julia flees to her neighbor and friend Adam and he decides her life is in danger and sets out to take her to her brother Will.  Adam had already planned on going to see Will to become his horse trainer at the Colter Ranch so he easily agrees this is the best plan.  Brother and sister get reunited again and the real story begins.

Karen starts this story off with a bang and right from the beginning you get immersed in the life of Julia.  Again, I felt very connected to the characters.  While I liked the first book, this book I could honesty say I loved! The characters were so deep and meaningful that you really felt like you were a part of the story.  There was a few times I teared up and just wanted to get in there and hug Julia to help her deal with the trauma that she was going through.  Julia was such a powerful character, so real and raw, she was a tomboy at heart and held strong to her values in love and marriage.  I felt Karen did an amazing job with connecting the reader to Julia and making that character and her pain very realistic! Adam was my favorite character though, he is handsome, quiet and oh so respectful! I just love a hero that is not quick to speak but a bit timid! He gets his patience tested many times but remains calm.

Karen also had a way with blending the stories of Julia and Adam with Hannah and Will that easily flowed! Their two lives merged together which I was thankful for because I definitely wanted to hear how Will and Hannah were doing now that they were married and she didn't disappoint. 

Again there was a history lesson going on throughout the story but in this book I felt the history flowed a lot better and didn't take away from the story at all.  There was a lot more character dialogue too.  The romance was sweet and clean.

The spiritual threads in A Heart Renewed were mild but oh so powerful and the message didn’t take away from the story.  I felt the issues that Julia was dealing with about God were very realistic to the situation and I enjoyed watching her faith grow as the story progressed. The spiritual message I learned most was that God's heart breaks when we are in pain, he wants us to come to Him and to seek His peace and love through the heartache and he will give us the strength to keep moving forward!

I received a copy of this book to read and review from the author. My review is not biased by the fact that I was given this book. I HONESTLY read and review any book whether bought or given to me. If I did not like the book I would definitely not give a rave review or recommend it.

About the Book:

Julia Colter struggles to accept life under her controlling brother's greed. The suitors he selects would benefit him, but are far from the ideal husband for her. When her rebellion against her brother puts her life at risk, she turns to her friend for help.

Adam Larson longs to train horses and plans to head west to the Arizona Territory to see his dreams fulfilled. When his sister's best friend shows up in the middle of the night, he agrees to help her flee. The decision changes his life, in more ways than he expected.

Can Julia forget the pain from her past and open her heart to love?

About the Author:

Karen Baney, in addition to writing Christian historical fiction and chick lit novels, works as a Software Engineer.  Spending over twenty years as an avid fan of both genres, Karen debuts her talents with A Dream Unfolding, the first in a four book series set in territorial Arizona.

Her faith plays an important role both in her life and in her writing.  She is active in the women’s ministry at her church, facilitating numerous bible studies throughout the year.  Karen and her husband make their home in Gilbert, Arizona, with their two dogs.  She also holds a Masters of Business Administration from Arizona State University.
 Her website:

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