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Interview and Giveaway (set of e-books and necklace) with Sandra Byrd

Hello, Sandra Byrd, and thank you so much for talking with me today! To begin, could you just tell us a little about yourself?


I knew that I wanted to be a writer at six years old, as soon as I'd learned to read the Bobbsey Twins books. Really! When I was a kid I wanted three careers: to be a hair stylist, to be a waitress, and to be an author. After I mohawked my Barbie I knew I wasn’t cut out for the hairstylist career. I actually was a waitress in a Jewish deli when I was a teenager, and I worked for a caterer. Writing, however, was the real passion. And it stuck.
I earned my first rejection at the age of thirteen, but eventually became a bestselling author in spite of it all! I've published more than three dozen books for tweens, teens and women.
I'm also passionate about helping new writers develop their talent and their work toward traditional or self publication. I've mentored and coached hundreds of new writers and continues to coach dozens to success each year.  Here's my coaching page:

I live Washington State with my husband Michael, a chaplain, our two children, and a circus dog named Brie!

I also live in Washington state, how neat!!
Did you receive a clear “calling” from God or have you always had a desire to write?

I always knew I wanted to write, but while my husband was in seminary I thought I'd have to put it aside for a long while, though I was working as an editor at the time.  I prayed about it and I felt God telling me," Why wait?"  Why, indeed? I've been writing ever since.

Who has inspired you the most?

My husband.  He's been a constant presence in my life for 26 years and has always made me get back on the computer every time I've fallen off and skinned my knees. :)

Where do you spend your time writing? Describe your office space?

I have a lovely office with a "peek" view of the lake behind our house. It's painted in a sage green, which I love, with glass and redwood furniture.  Right now the walls are covered with Tudorana, as I am writing a Tudor-set series.  I also keep my most-treasured books in my office, and a good speaker system, as I love to listen to music while I write.

You recently have had a book published, would you take this time to describe it to us?  How and where can readers buy your book? (versions and locations)

I've had some print books published this year, but I'm also very excited about the books I've loaded onto kindle and nook.  They are series I wrote some time ago, but I've completely updated each and every one.  They're written for two age groups:  tweens aged 8-12,  and teens aged 11-14.  The covers were redesigned to appeal to today's girls, but the insides of the books are still very much what I designed them to be: an anchoring of family, faith, and friends within a girl's heart as she grows into a young woman of her own.

There are two free short stories on my website, too, both for the younger girls.  Please check out this page:

It's a long page! So be sure to keep scrolling down to learn more about, and access links to, each book.

I know your book is catered towards young girls, being a young girl is pretty tough yet fun, what is one thing you are glad you never have to go through again from that age and what is one thing you miss about being that age?

I most miss the carefree expectation that anything is possible.  I still think much is possible, but I've added some gravitas to my expectations as I've aged! I'm glad I never have to go through the mean-girls thing again.  We as women, all of whom had to survive that in one form or another, should be inoculated for life against gossip! 

Is there a spiritual message in your book?  If so, what is it and what can readers expect to get from reading it?

I like to describe my books as having a gentle Christian faith.  The first series, Secret Sisters, is perhaps a bit more evangelical as it comes from my own background of not having grown up in a Christian home.  The other two have Christian messages woven, through, too, but perhaps more in helping girls to understand and live life through a Christian world view.  I always try to remember - these are stories, meant to entertain, not devotionals.  So while faith permeates the pages, the story is what counts!

What’s your favorite part of the story?

I love girls coming to understand that when they lose their lives, willingly, they gain it, and more, back in return!

Do you have any other books in the making?

I'm currently finishing up a devotional for Tweens which will be published by Tyndale House in fall, 2012.  I'm very excited to get that into girls' hands!

Would you give us your blog or webpage so everyone can check it out?  Anything else you’d like to share? 

Here's the website:  Please sign up for my newsletters, or friend me on facebook.  That's where the contests are!

Coffee or Tea?  Both! Vanilla Latte or London Fog Steamer
City or Country?   Small picturesque town?
Dream Vacation?   I've  been to London, I've been to Paris, but I still dream about going back to both.  Someday!

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