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A Life Restored by Karen Baney

About A Life Restored:
Making mistakes is a part of life…

Social butterfly, Caroline Larson, longs for adventure. Since her best friend left Texas, she grows dissatisfied with her life. A little lie to her parents sends her on the journey of her life. Stranded in the Arizona desert, far from her final destination, she must rely on a stranger who gets under her skin.

Thomas Anderson has always struggled with making good decisions. A twist of fate, or Providence, leads him to Arizona to take a job as an express rider. Dealing with the ghosts of his past threatens to overshadow his future—until he meets a woman needing his help. Sparks fly as she grates on his nerves.

As they both struggle to move beyond their past mistakes, will they find their lives restored?

My Review

Karen Baney's writing continues to just get better and better with each book and I am thoroughly impressed and in love with her latest release "A Life Restored". I thought the last book was by far my favorite of hers, but I have to say that she outdid herself with A Life Restored because it has now become my new favorite!! What an amazing story!!

A Life Restored leaves off from where A Heart Renewed did except not only are we hearing about the previous characters and their new lives but we get to learn about some new and exciting characters. We meet Caroline Larson who is Adams's younger sister that he left behind when he suddenly whisked Julia off to Prescott to get away from her abusive brother. Caroline is having a hard time in Texas and decides that having a fresh start with her brother in Arizona is just what she needs. On her journey there she meets Thomas Anderson. Remember who Thomas is? He is Drew's brother from book 1 that caused all sorts of problems but recently moved to Prescott and found Drew's widow Hannah and her son. Now Thomas is trying to be a decent and respectable man.

Sparks are flying when Thomas and Caroline meet and not only in a romantic sense. They instantly push each other’s buttons and get on each other’s nerves but there also an instant attraction! This is my favorite type of romance – the love/hate kind!

One of my favorite things about Karen's writing is that she writes very realistic and genuine characters in her stories. They are not perfect and without faults, which makes them so easy to relate to them. My favorite character has to be Thomas! He is daily struggling with trying to make the right choices and trying to move forward past the sins in his life. However, we all know how hard it is to break addictions and sin and it painfully hard on Thomas. He does well for a while and then he slips back down. I loved the influence he had in his life though from Paul and Betty who never give up on him and never just let him fail! They are a perfect example of how us Christians should act – non judgmental and loving!

A Life Restored is really about restoring lives just like the title indicates! Thomas's life needs to be restored drastically and so does Caroline's. They learn that just because you turn from sin doesn't mean you'll never be tempted again nor does it mean that you'll life will suddenly be perfect.

Karen also is great at writing Edgy Christian Fiction where she discusses topics that some Christian authors won't and I love the realistic way about her books! Content: Mature audience - deals with topics that are not suitable for young people! Nothing graphic, but I just wouldn't want my young teen to be reading about some of the issues Thomas and Caroline struggle with.

As always Karen Baney captures the story with amazing historical descriptions along with heated romance, an edgy tone, and an added mystery and suspense! A Life Restored ends on suspense and I will be biting my nails waiting for book 4 to be released! I highly recommend reading this series, you won’t be disappointed.

I received a copy of this book to read and review from the author. My review is not biased by the fact that I was given this book. I HONESTLY read and review any book whether bought or given to me. If I did not like the book I would definitely not give a rave review or recommend it.

About Karen Baney:

Karen Baney, in addition to writing Christian historical fiction and contemporary novels, works as a Software Engineer. Her faith plays an important role both in her life and in her writing. Karen and her husband make their home in Gilbert, Arizona, with their two dogs. She also holds a Masters of Business Administration from Arizona State University. Read more about Karen Baney on her website:

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